Thing 13: Conference in your PJs: Teaching Kids to think using Scratch

This past spring I was briefly introduced to Scratch by another instructor at school…we talked for a little while about the program and she recommended I talk to a few students about having them submit their classroom programs to the North Atlanta Jewish Students Technology Fair for the 2012-2013 school year.

Download scratch at

I spoke with two students and they were excited that I was interested in their projects and both agreed to submit projects this upcoming year; but my big concern was that I had not idea about Scratch as a program and as a learning tool.  So when I came across the conference topic:  Teaching Kids to think using Scratch I jumped at the lesson, and then I found the small paperwork that was given to each of our students to introduce them to the program and perused through a Scratch manual given to me.

Please find the lesson here:

I liked the format of the on-line conference…found my time to watch, at my speed, and could re-watch any portion.  I also found a few ipad lessons last week via my twitter feed  and RSS feed as well.  Although those lessons are on a strict schedule, I found time to watch one and plan to watch a few more on Monday.

Using online professional development can be used in conjunction with a guest speaker…watch this lesson before a speaker comes to a meeting, or just watch as a professional development/faculty meeting.

I’m now going to spend more time perusing through the k12onlineconference schedule for the past few years and see if I can gather and pass along additional lessons.



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